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Terms and Conditions

1 Payment:

Immediately after receipt of the invoice .

2 generally

We currently have 4 hostels in Munich Eching with a capacity of about 300 beds. We can offer you accommodation in our halls of residence in the 2 - , 3 -, 4 - , or offer multi-bed rooms .

3 Prices and Payment

The price per bed per day varies between € 9.99 and € 18.00 plus 7% VAT Prices are based on occupancy , rental and equipment.

Prices for larger groups or longer length of stay on request.

Price includes house cleaning , linen and all ancillary costs such as electricity, water, heating etc.

The bed is renting of commission and deposit -free.

The monthly rent is payable in advance , at the beginning of the current month and after our invoice. If the bill is not paid by the 5 th of the current month , we will terminate the lease without further ado and not accept any further use of the beds.

Period of notice:

The notice period is 30 days at the rooms 10 working days , at the apartments. Have to be in writing. Cancellations after the deadline will be charged at 100 % !

Valid from 01.03.2007

The company easy flat - Management and Leasing operates the dorm , the bed renting is free of commission . There is no deposit required

1 The rental rates for the respective periods and calendar months Please ask us .

2 The reservation must be made in writing , by specifying the exact rental period to us. This is authentic after invoicing for the tenant . Catchment and Einmietungen are by prior arrangement with the hostel management possible!

3 Our financial statements are prepared monthly in advance and sent by mail to the tenant. Complaints about our invoices are notified to us in writing immediately. Rents for rental periods less than one month are payable in advance at the residence line .

Jurisdiction for both parties is Munich .

4 Dorm rents are in full monthly in advance for payment and must

up to 3 be received by the month with the operator. If the lessee of the payment not been made by the aforementioned date, the landlord may clear the room. The cleared items are stored for 3 months in a locked basement room for collection. After that, the items for the tenant to be disposed of with costs. The reservation is made in writing to us giving the exact rental period. This is authentic , non-compliance cancellation fee amounting to 50 % of the agreed rental price will be due !

5 If the rented released in whole or in part, before the expiration of the contract , so there is no repayment claim for the tenant . The rental period can be 1, 2, 3 weeks or 1 month or more. For monthly tenants , the tenancy renewed under regulations under section 6

6 A change in the number of beds must be reported to us immediately . If we determine that the actual number of beds differs from the previously reported number of beds , there is provided a full month price charged per bed not logged on . If us until 20 You will automatically be taken day of the current month no change from us the number of beds for the current month in our bill for the following month .

Attempting to increase in reported number of persons in the rooms or apartments by the residents or the responsible tenant is not permitted and leads to termination without notice !

7 The re- release of the room must be reported in due time by fax or by e -mail to us . Later complaints will not be accepted . For a belated return of the keys is a handling fee of EUR 50, - due.

8 Please note that in our dorm a total ban exists . For smokers, the lounges are available.

easy flat - Bast Michaela

4 equipment

The rooms are equipped with the appropriate number of beds and chairs , a table, wardrobes and a new fridge and TV . Showers , toilets and kitchens with cooking facilities and kitchen sinks are available in sufficient numbers on each floor. Partly with the room. Each dorm has washing machines and dryers .

5 surrender

The rooms are in accordance with the custom built in catchment handover protocol swept return again . Should the room have damage, defects or impurities , so the cost of disposing the tenant will be charged. 
The rented premises are before collection of the contractor, or subjected its workers, employees or attributable to it inhabitants, a professional deep cleaning. In the course of cleaning is explicitly paid to the possible attack by pests such. As cockroaches, fleas e,g, The contractor thus assumes a properly cleaned and insect pest free apartment unit. Once a week the rented apartment is cleaned by a cleaner and examined for visible pest infestation. If during the rental period by the contractor an infestation by example improper storage of food, such. as open, perishable foods outside the cooling device, and contamination, caused (photo documentation) is immediately commissioned a professional pest control company without first informing the other party in order to prevent the spread to other units. The costs are borne by the contractor.

6 Check in and Check out

Check to be made during the following times can in 10.00 - 20.00 clock Check out time is 10:00 at the latest clock

7 house rule

The house rules are indented part of the contract .

8 Pets are not allowed !

house rule

The following house rules shall be fully and mandatory for anyone who is accommodated in the dormitory

1 facility

All furnishings are to be treated with care. Damage must be reported immediately to the caretaker . The beds and furnishings may only be changed after consultation with and approval of the caretaker.

It is strictly prohibited to replace existing locks. Wilful damage of furniture and home furnishings are to be omitted . This includes the hammering of nails, pasting and smearing of home furnishings .

For all damage negligently and culpably caused responsibility of those who caused the damage , he shall compensate the cost of repairing the damage in full. It must not bottles or other items are provided outside on the window boards ( here it can in the worst case even come to a fatal accident).

For security reasons it is not permitted to leave the windows open during the absence ( storms , etc.) Please to tilt .

We expressly point out that articles brought with them when you leave again from you !

We also ask you to personal things to look out yourself, as we accept no liability for loss or damage !

Drying the laundry in the rooms , apartments and general rooms is prohibited. For this purpose, sufficient stand dryer available !

2 Terms rest

Any disturbing noise is prohibited in the residence . Radios and televisions are set to low volume. From 22:00 clock bis 6:00 am must be adhered to general night's sleep in the dormitory . During this time the doors are complete .

3 Cleaning and Hygiene

The beds and bedding are to be treated with care. The linen can be changed every 14 days . New bedding can be collected in exchange the caretaker during office hours .

Each user has his ( NEN ) Refrigerator ( times) to keep clean. Spoiled food must be removed immediately . The cooking facilities must be cleaned after use. Cooking in the sleeping quarters is strictly prohibited.

The toilets must be cleaned after each use with the provided brush.

Newspapers , waste and leftovers should never be thrown in the toilet. Toilet paper is to be brought by residents .

Sinks and showers are kept clean.

Rubbish and waste of all kinds may be emptied only in the this particular container and must be disposed of daily in the bins provided .

4 disease

Anyone suffering from an infectious disease has to immediately consult a doctor and to ensure that other residents are not jeopardized . Should it be determined in the dorm vermin, this must be reported immediately to the caretaker.

5 Violations

Any person who violates this home order, may be expelled from the dorm .

6 Right of instruction caretaker

The caretakers are encouraged to make sure that the home order is complied with and have unconditional right of instruction .


Our buildings and communal areas are under video surveillance !

There must be no individuals are reported to the police , for non-compliance threatens penalties of up to € 10,000 .

Terms of lease for companies and larger quotas :

1 Prices on request .

2 The reservation must be made in writing , by specifying the exact rental period to us. This is binding upon our written confirmation to the tenant . Catchment and hiring are possible in all our homes to 20.00 clock !

3 The financial statements are prepared in advance and sent by mail to the tenant. Complaints about our invoices are notified to us in writing immediately. Jurisdiction for both parties is Munich .

4 Dorm rents monthly in full in advance for payment.